Mentor Program

Seven years ago the Francis Parker Drama Club developed a mentor program for a variety of reasons; to help new members with the ins and outs of the DC, to help those that were new to Parker to adjust to a new school, and to be both a resource and a cheerleader for them during the school year. The DC Officers and Mrs.M wanted to build a mentor program where students could learn from supporting each other. The Francis Parker Drama Club’s Mentorship Program prides itself on providing a program that not only assists its new members in all the Drama Club activities but also helps its new members with questions related to middle/upper school life.  New members are each assigned a mentor. These mentors are chosen by Mrs.M and the Upper School President. These mentors must have demonstrated an excellent work ethic, are responsible, have excellent time management skills, and are dedicated to the club and it’s values. In addition to the monthly Drama Club meetings, new members and their mentors attend monthly Mentor Meetings. During these meetings the mentors and mentees do character work and work on ensemble building exercises. The Mentor Program is one of the programs that the Drama Club is most proud of and we, as a club, have seen how successful it can be for new members, which is why Drama Club continues to help this program grow and flourish.